Tuesday, 31 July 2007

Back and Bleary Eyed

Finally, back from my travels. One of the more eventful trips I've taken recently, the script read like a Western except without cowboys. Succumbed to Delhi Belly on the final leg back to London so spent my first days in Europe holed up in bed instead of enjoying the profusion of cheese and wine I had promised myself when contemplating stuffed parantha and palak paneer for the umpteenth time. My waistline has a lot to thank India for. Anyway, I am in no condition to comment further at this stage, being barely able to open both eyes at once. Photos have, however, been downloaded and can be seen in the links section on the right. Happy viewing if you are interested.

Monday, 2 July 2007


I'm off to India tomorrow, all things permitting. With 24 hours to go I have

1) One refused credit card to deal with
2) One Eurostar ticket left to buy
3) No clothes washed
4) Nothing packed
5) Only the vaguest idea of the wedding location in Delhi
6) 4 speeches and an article to write
But lots of mindless optimism!

A likely hiatus in blogging is in the offing, but I expect that to be more than compensated for by the travellers tales that follow. In the meantime, have a wonderful summer!