Wednesday, 28 February 2007

Time For The EU to Lighten Up?

Although a Europhile in theory (and even occasionally in practice, all needless money-wasting initiatives aside) I was amused by reports that the EU celebrates 50th birthday with massive joint

Sources at the Berlaymonster say that the European Commission is planning to roll a massive spliff to celebrate 50 years of mind-numbing policy-making. It will be rolled in waste paper created by the culling of fourteen directives, planned for next month.

The Joint-EU-Treaty as it is affectionately known will measure 24.7 metres and will be propped against the side of the Berlaymont for all to toke on to their heart’s content.

Last week, Commissioner Kovacs visited a specially created indoor farm in Finland where the weed is being grown (see picture).It will be lit by Energy Commissioner Andris Piebalgs at a special ceremony which the commission’s press service is calling “Get Off Your Tits for Europe Day”.

All jokes have a hint of truth in them, don't they? And this one more than most. It's time for the policy wonks to lighten up and regulate less, dontcha think.

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