Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Work Worries

Here's a query....what do you do when you have too much work and too little time?

a) cancel your weekend to do it - in this case an all expenses paid trip to a conference in Beirut?

b) do as much as you can, take the plane, turn the phone off - and deal with the fall out upon your return?

c) admit as much to the boss - then when he tells you it's gotta be done before Monday, offer to resign in the hope that not doing it in time isn't worth the hassle of replacing you??!

Phone lines open now! Amusing anecdotes welcomed

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Peter said...

Simple solution, charged at my normal consultancy rates:

Just before you leave the office, email him the file you were supposed to finish which, in reality, is merely a blank word document with a few exclamation marks and swirly symbols.

You then keep your phone switched off in Beirut. Upon return, your story is that in the rush to get to the airport, you accidentally left your phone in your flat (very plausible).

As for the word document, it must have unfortunately become corrupted. But all is not lost - you have a half-finished copy saved somewhere else, and you will try and get it finished asap.

If this is met with scepticism, you can say you've had a hard weekend because three men tried to bundle you into the back of a car in Beirut.