Saturday, 24 March 2007

Peace and Love

Politics is a world where backstabbing is pretty much institutionalised. So it should be no surprise that the European Institutions are alive with bitching, paranoia, conspiracy theories and egos of the worst kind.

Consider my first week back at work. At least four people told me not to trust anyone, two that the only ideology adhered to in my political group is 'chacun pour soi' (at least that is suitably individualistic, as befits liberals), and one particularly peeved soul that if I knew what was good for me I would keep all pretensions of friendship well away from the working environment.

So unnecessary. It makes me wonder if everyone just has too much time on their hands since last year's recruitment drive trebled our numbers, with the obverse effect on workload -100 people are now doing the work previously managed by 43. Or if they are living inside their own Matrix - a notable effect of prolonged lack of exposure to the real world.

So we have decided to launch a new initiative. Peace and Love takes its name from the appendix one particularly bitchy colleague used to terminate her emails. All smiles on the outside, yet sharpening her knives at every possible occasion. We want to take this hypocrisy and turn it round with positive energy. So that means killing these people with kindness...

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Anonymous said...

Love all, trust a few - Shakespeare

Just an average Saturday night waiting for some Polish guy to call.

Hope you're settling back into Brussels.