Tuesday, 19 June 2007

Comment is Free

Stat Counter is a fascinating thing. Quite apart from showing how many (or, more realistically, how few) people access your blog it has some neat features, including a 'recent visitor map' that marks their location on the globe with a little red banner. That turns up some surprising results. I had always been under the illusion that the only people that ever read my meanderings were supportive friends in Scotland and the occasional bored Eurocrat.

In fact, it turns out that while my assumed readership is busier filing amendments than previously thought, many people find this blog randomly from all corners of the world. One reader, I was surprised to note, appeared to be sailing along the equator as the flag turned up several times mid-ocean. Likewise, there seems to be a bigger appetite for EU Gossip and Scottish Politics in Qatar and Pakistan than I was expecting....

Still, I can't help but notice that people refrain from commenting on this site, Peter excepted of course ;) - that's blogger solidarity for you!

Constructive feedback, as my boss never hesitates to tell me, is invaluable, so I'd like to know what you think (within the realms of civil discussion of course, as befits a lady...I wouldn't want to invite comment only to have to enable comment moderation) even if it's just that you find the whole thing tedious, pretentious or a waste of valuable ether....I started this because I wanted to write and because you can't work all the hours God sends, ya know? So ideas about topics, style, etc, would be most welcome


Michael said...

I'll comment, since it's free. Discovered your blog about a week ago - so not much time to comment. But I agree with your point, was disappointed as well with some of the photography sites I had, comparing the number of views vs. the number of comments. Guess that most people out there are only interesting in reading, but not in giving feedback. A reality to accept... or do as a friend of mine did, google some exact sentences you wrote and see who is copy-pasting your literary masterworks.

Amy said...

Keep going, very good. Not much to add, but I do enjoy it :)

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